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Verdicts & Settlements

*$375,000 for a young woman who was a passenger in a car which collided with another car in Queens.
*$330,000 for a young woman who was a passenger in a vehicle which was struck by a rental vehicle owned by Hertz and driven by a customer who then left the…
*$250,000 for a man who was incorrectly told by a doctor that he was HIV positive and believed this until the doctor told him 2 years later that he was mistaken.
$250,000 for the family of a 64 year old woman who died in a hospital after having knee surgery.
*$175,000 for the death of a young woman who took an overdose of pills and was not brought to the closest emergency hospital.
*$137,500 for a mother and her two little daughters who were injured by a car which mounted the sidewalk where they were walking.
*$150,000 for a man who slipped and fell on an icy sidewalk while walking to work and sustained a leg fracture.
*$140,000 for a mother and daughter who were injured in a one car rollover accident.
*$110,000 for a woman who lost many of her teeth as a result of poor dental care.
*$100,000 for a young boy who was struck on the head and seriously injured by his 6 year old school friend, who was using his father’s golf club’s with the father’s…
*$82,500 for a woman who slipped on a wet jet way at the airport and sustained a knee injury.
*$70,000 for a woman who tripped and fell over bolts which had been left in the sidewalk by the U.S. Postal Service after they removed a mailbox.